Start a CFL factory

Are you worrying about the increasing cost of imported cfl bulbs?

Are you worrying about the long shipping period?

Do you want to gain more profit from cfl bulbs business?


It's time to assemble cfl bulbs in your hometown!


It's reported that China's energy saving lamps occupies nearly 70% market of the whole world. However, as the material cost and working salary increase rapidly since 2008, the cfl bulbs price become higher and higher. Many importers choose to import spare parts of cfl bulbs from China to lower the cost. It's the trend. But many of them is not familiar with the technical and working skills, many lamps they assembled have got quality problem.


Today, Orida launch the cooperation plan with all importers around the world, which help them to make a professional cfl bulbs assemble factory in hometown.


What we provide:


1) Professional technical.

When you join our plan, we will arrange a technical with 5 years experience to teach you all things about cfl bulbs assemble.


2) Enough time to learn

You will have 7 to 30 days to stay at our factory to learn how to assemble the cfl bulbs.


3) All necessary machines

All machines needed for assembling cfl bulbs will be provided.


The advantage we have:


1) Experience.

Orida is a well-known brand in cfl assemble industry of China. We have more than 30 franchisees, each of them learned the technics of assembling cfl buls from us.


2) Technical support

From product technics to packing design, Orida will provide you professional support.


3) Trust

Our factory start business since 2003, and occupies more than 10,000 square meters, having 200 experienced workers in Foshan, China. All of our products has CCC ( China Compulsory Certification ) certificate.


The benefit you can enjoy:


1) Getting profit from manufacturing

Not only getting profit from trading, but also getting the profit from manufacturing.


2) Get more trust from your clients

It's hard to trust a trading company in today's economic situation.

Clients not only need cheap price, but also need good after-sales service.

Can you show your clients the qualification of your company?

Can you fix the broken bulbs which has been returned from your clients?

The more you can do for your clients, the more trust you can get from your clients.


3) Cultivate your own brand

Printing logo on packing can not be called " establishing brand ", you need do more, like fast delivery, quality control, technical-support, advertising...


Lessons main parts:


1) Glue glass tube to plastic part;


2) Solder ballast to galss tube


3) Assemble ballast, glasst tube and plastic part together


4) Aging test after cfl finished



Fee: 4000usd/person (board and lodging fee not included.)



Hotel near our factory:


The DYNAST's Hotel


Tel:+86 -757-25538888